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KZUM Program Schedule

For information about any of our programs or about how you too can volunteer your time by hosting a radio program on KZUM, contact Ryan Evans, Program Director at (402) 474-5086 ext. 3 or email


     Maximum Rock n Roll with Rich Degenhardt, mid-2am (Hard Rock)

     The Throm Hartman Program, 2am-5am (Progressive Talk)

     Grateful Dead Redux, 5am-6am

     Sleep Head, 6am-7:30am (Indie)

     A Moment in Time, 7am-7:02am (History Lesson)

     Canine 360 with Jill Morstad, 7:30am-8am (Progressive Talk)

     Dance Bands with Con Good, 8am-10am (Big Band)

     Roll Out the Barrel with Robert Hrupek, 10am-noon (Polka)

     Democracy NOW! with Amy Goodman, noon-1pm (Progressive Talk)

     Buenos Tangos with Gustavo Larsen, 1pm-3pm (Tango)

     World Gone Wrong Blues with Ken “Grubsteak” Hoage, 3pm-6pm (Blues)

     Our Street with Shawn Ryba and Lynn Fisher, 6pm-7pm (Local Community Talk)

     Alive in Lincoln, 7pm-8pm (Local Music)

     Hotter Than That with Warren & Charlie, 8pm-9pm (Jazz)

     Out of the Shadows with Warren & Charlie, 9pm-10pm (Jazz)

     Headcase with Chris Bettell, 10pm-midnight (Indie)


     Super Happy Doom Time with Barry Peterson, midnight-2am (Heavy Metal)

     The Thom Heartman Program, 2am-5am (Progressive Talk)

     Grateful Dead Redux, 5am-6am

     Before Dawn with Dylan Bliss, 6am-8pm (Folk)

     The Melting Pot with Molly Pitcher, 8am-10am (Political Music)

     The X with Jim Petersen, 10am-noon (Classic Rock/Blues)

     Democracy Now!! with Amy Goodman, noon-1pm (Progressibe Talk)

     Thunder on the Plains with Cassandra & Susan, 1pm-2pm (World Music)

     The Putumayo World Music Hour, 2pm-3pm (World Music)

     Group “W” Blues with Mike Carlin, 3pm-6pm (Blues)

     Bioneers, 6pm-6:30pm

     Earth to Lincoln, 6:30pm-7pm (Local Talk)

     The Drive In Radio Show with Karl Marino, 7pm-9pm (Bluegrass)

     Stab From the Past with King Kaos & Jim “the Cinema Guy” Sabler, 9pm-11pm (80’s Music)

     The Servative Hour with Brian Mary, 11pm-midnight (Local Issues)


     Let’s Guitar Acts Together with Tom May, midight-2am (Guitar)

      The Thom Hartman Program, 2am-5am (Progressive Talk)

     Greatdful Dead Redux, 5am-6am

     Tree with Roots with Ryan Evans, 6am-8 (Americana)

     River City Folk with Tom May, 8am-9am (Folk)

     The Ride with Dave Reece, 9am-11am (Classic Rock & Blues)

     How’s it Growing? with Bob & Bertine, 11am-noon (Gardening Talk)

     Democracy Now!! with Amy Goodman, noon-1pm (Progressive Talk)

     Louisiana Heart & Soul with Bonnie Smith, 1pm-3pm (Cajun/Zydeco)

     My DeJa Blues with Cathy Behrns, 3pm-6pm (Blues)

     The Joy Factor with Sheila Stratton, 6pm-6:30pm (Progressive Talk)

     The Book Show, 6:30pm-7pm (Progressive Talk)

     The Celebration with Don Ward, 7pm-8:30pm (60’s & 70’s)

     Radio Gumbo with Jonas Steele, 8:30pm-10pm (Folk Rock)

     Grateful Dead Hour with David Gans, 10pm-11pm

     Strawberry Fields with Hardy Holm, 11pm-midnight (Beatles)


     Forgotten & Fantastic with Clinton Smith, midnight-2am (Eclectic)

     Schizophrenia with Paul Kraft, 2am-6am (Eclectic)

     A Good Noise with Andy Miller, 6am-8am (Folk)

     Native Sounds Native Voices with Aden Marshall, 8pm-10pm (Native American)

     Trigger Meal with Rich Ryan, 10am-noon (Classic Rock & Blues)

     X Rated with Hilary Stohs-Krause, 1pm-6pm  (Women’s Music)

    Thursday Blues,  3pm-6pm  (Blues)

     Juke in the Back with Matt the Cat,  6pm-7pm  (50’s R&B)

     The Exposition Flyer with Eric Bockenberg, 7-8:30pm  (Folk)

     Night Town with Tom Ineck, 8:30-10pm  (Jazz)

     Out to Lunch with Joseph Jaros, 10pm-midnight  (Jazz)



     Solar Roller Coaster with Joe Younglove, midnights-2am  (Dance Music)

     Project X with Mike Landreth, 2am-4am  (Experimental)

     TBD, 4am-6am  (Indie)

     Morning Breath with Paul Nance, 6am-8am  (Variety)

     Turtle Island with John Gillam, 8am-10am  (World Music)

     T.G.I. Femmes with Tad Frazier, 10am-noon  (Women’s Music)

     Democracy Now!! With Amy Goodman, noon-1pm  (Progressive Talk)

     Women’s Blues & Boogie with Carol Griswold, 1pm-3pm  (Blues)

     Hudson Blue with Jimmy Hudson, 3pm-4:30pm  (Blues)

     A Blues Oasis with Jim Anderson, 4:30pm-6pm  (Blues)

     The Best of Our Knowledge, 6pm-6:30pm  (Talk Radio)

     Sound Check with Rad & Yvonne, 6:30pm-7:30pm  (Local)

     The Heyride with Wagon Master John Schmitz, 7:30pm-9pm  (Western Swing)

     Komedy Kavalcade with King Kaos, 9pm-10pm (Comedy)

     Irie Vibrations with Dale Wimberly, 10pm-midnight (Raggae)


     TBD, midnight-2am  (Urban)

     Radio-Activity with Chris Seidholz and miles McCain, 2am-4am  (Urban)

     After the Fire Radio with Joe Willard, 4am-6am (Techno)

     Blues at Sunrise with Kaul Henderson, 6am-8:30am (Blues)

     Science Odyssey with Clay Naff, 8:30am-9am  (Science Talk Radio)

     Health Talk with Dr. Paul Fimhaber, 9am-10pm  (Health Talk Radio)

     Exploring Unexplained Phenomena with Scott Colbourn, 10am-noon  (Paranormal Talk Radio)

     Mind Body Spirit with Cathy Behrns and Gary Gabelhouse, noon-1pm  (Spirituality Talk Radio)

     Seventh Wave with Darla Darnell, 1pm-2pm  (Fusion)
     Vietnamese Community Radio Show with Dau Nguyen, 2pm-3:30pm  (Vietnamese Issues)

     The Message with Alex Schumacher, 3:30pm-5pm  (Indie)

     Mundo Latino with Conrad Castaneda, 5pm-7pm (Spanish Music)

     The Show with DJ Mellie Mel, 7pm-9pm  (Urban)

     Kick It Session with Miz. B., 9pm-midnight   (Urban)



     The Doctor Rock and the Medicine Show with Dr. Rock, midnight-6am  (Rock Variety)

     Glorious Gospel with Jasmine Steward, Donald Handy and Gladys Sheppard, 6am-9am  (Gospel)

     The Mess with Nadine Murphy, Phil Kessler and Corwin Watts,  9am-11am  (Pagan/Wiccan Music)

     Lavendar Hill, 11am-11:30am  (Gay/Lesbian Issues)
     The Wimmin’s Show with Deb Andersen and Rachel West, 11am-1pm  (Women’s Mucic)

     Acoustic Rainbow with Ed Long, 1pm-2:30pm  (Folk)

     Positive Sound Control with Travis Beck, 2:30pm-4pm  (Jazz)

     Ritmo Latino with Luz Duchame, 4pm-5:30pm  (Spanish Music)

     Thunder on the Plains with Susan & Casandra, 5:30pm-6:30pm  (Celtic)

     The Drum with Tobias Grant and Jessica James, 6:30-8pm  (Native Music)

     Pipe Dreams, 8pm-10pm  (Pipe Organ Music)

     Other Music with Malcolm Miles, John Payton and Scott Scholz, 10pm-midnight  (Eclectic)


Miss one of our awesome talk radio shows??  KZUM is now hosting podcasts of your favorite local talk shows on our website.  Eleven different shows are available for download including:

Our Street

Earth 2 Lincoln

How’s it Growing?


The Servative Hour

The Joy Factor

Science Odyssey

Exploring Unexplained Phenomena

Health Talk

Mind Body Spirit

Lavendar Hill

Go to and click on the “programming” tab.  Scroll down to “podcasts.”  Download the show right to your favorite listening device. 


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