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Join KZUM & NET for “Coffee & Conversation” next Thursday, Feb. 16th at 6pm. This months feature is “More than a Month” by Shukree Hassan Tilghman. NET is located at 1800 N. 33rd Street. Make sure to tune in to KZUM on Wednesday, Feb. 15th from 5-6pm. Mizb Kzum will have a special Traffic Jam interview with the filmmaker. For more information on this thought provoking documentary visit

VIDEO link: Short documentary about Radio Pikon Ane, a community radio station in West Papua, Indonesia


Radio Pikon Ane is a community radio station established in the Central Highlands in West Papua, Indonesia in 2007, with the assistance of the independent news agency KBR68H, and funding from the Media Development Loan Fund and the Dutch government. This short film looks at the radio station’s impact in Anyelma, where it is based, and in surrounding areas.

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